Customizing Enlightenweight Concepts to Fit your Lifestyle.


At the end of Enlightenweight there is the following recap summarizing the key points of the entire book:

“To warm and dry: Pungent, bland and bitter foods combined with sweating and breathing as though you are yawning.

To warm and moisten: Pungent, Salty sweet and oily foods combined with breathing like you are yawning. Continue reading


Enlightenweight Book Published!

Enlightenweight Published!


“You are made of Heaven and Earth-a delicate combination of gasses and microbial dust merged into an elegantly integrated whole….Master your microbiome and the world will become your garden, your pharmacy, and your playground.”- Enlightenweight

After 3 years and countless revisions it’s finally ready. We wanted to offer 3 versions.

Version 1: Kindle (Available now)

Version 2: Paper (Available now)

Version 3: Audiobook (Expected completion within the year.)


Andrew Miles L.Ac and Qiu Xuelan Ph.D

Find it here

Wind Shakes the Tree-A Good Exercise for Pain and Warm-up

Reading Time: 3.5 Mins

Wind tree by Elf-8


As the water flows over rocks in a river, you can see the wave rise above it. In a still pond, a pebble disturbing the surface will cause a ripple which will continue outward until it hits something solid and then the vibration reflects backwards. As waves travel through your body, you can feel for areas of tension. Use large waves and shorter waves and alter the frequency and pitch of the vibrations to find areas of hidden tension. As you begin to loosen up, your body will seek an efficient alignment. It is normal to feel some slight tension keeping you out of alignment. You may notice certain muscle groups pulling your body toward the unhealthy postures you might be accustomed to. For those who sit down a lot, Continue reading

Foot Health For Long Term Athletics

Reading Time: 4 mins


The Tensegrity Arch

Your foot hundreds of integrated arches. The whole of the foot forms something of a dome. It is an incredible design for distributing force. It is one of the greatest engineering marvels ever created. Roman bridges still stand as a testament to this incredible structure. The human body is engineered in a similar way. You are capable of distributing incredible forces thanks to the arches which permeate our structure. Continue reading



Reading Time: 2 mins


The next time you see a child throwing a tantrum pay attention. You can learn a lot about how emotions influence movement. When kids are throwing a fit they tend to stay in one place and sort of flop about while screaming. Look at how the neck and lower back pull out of  alignment. The emotional state is negative and they physically move toward the ground. They go limp as way to resist their parent’s attempt to get them under control. At some level we are all little kids. Continue reading