Customizing Enlightenweight Concepts to Fit your Lifestyle.


At the end of Enlightenweight there is the following recap summarizing the key points of the entire book:

“To warm and dry: Pungent, bland and bitter foods combined with sweating and breathing as though you are yawning.

To warm and moisten: Pungent, Salty sweet and oily foods combined with breathing like you are yawning. Continue reading



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Just as trees sigh in the wind and seaweed undulates in the ocean, you too are subject to natural rhythms. Your body changes with the climate and weather. Changes in temperature and moisture affect blood circulation and hormone production. The conditions in the outside environment will influence what you come into contact with. This can greatly influence your health, memory, and even your personality. The weather affects everyone. By studying how it affects you, you can better understand how to adapt to change.

hot dog


There are three main sources of heat in the human body:

Heat produced from the metabolism of human cells

Heat produced from the metabolisms of microbiota

Heat you absorb from radiation.

Warm soup, sunshine, and a crackling fire can all introduce heat into the body. They work in concert to heat you from within. When you feel too hot, you lose your appetite. This is because the process of digestion generates heat. Your body doesn’t want you to overheat so it reduces your appetite to help you cool down. To further avoid overheating, it makes you feel tired to keep you from moving too much. The heart begins pumping hard to send blood circulation to the surface of the body where it can cool off. This can contribute to heat rash and makes heat particularly dangerous for those with heart problems. Because your body wants to reduce its metabolism and get water, you naturally feel more inclined to eat fruits and vegetables to stay hydrated and cool off. These foods require your body to do less work compared to eating peppery beef jerky. Your body cools down when you breathe, sweat, urinate, and defecate. The faster these processes happen, the easier it is to cool down. Continue reading

Enlightenweight Book Published!

Enlightenweight Published!


“You are made of Heaven and Earth-a delicate combination of gasses and microbial dust merged into an elegantly integrated whole….Master your microbiome and the world will become your garden, your pharmacy, and your playground.”- Enlightenweight

After 3 years and countless revisions it’s finally ready. We wanted to offer 3 versions.

Version 1: Kindle (Available now)

Version 2: Paper (Available now)

Version 3: Audiobook (Expected completion within the year.)


Andrew Miles L.Ac and Qiu Xuelan Ph.D

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Adapting to Cold and Dry

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Cold and Dry

dry winter leave by Pavlina Jane

The cold, dry air of the arctic causes life to slow to a crawl. The slow decay and sparse plant life contributes to poor soil quality. Plant life grows briefly in Summer and then must prepare for the icy hibernation of winter. Every animal in these environments must adapt. They insulate themselves in fat and burrow underground to create warmer microclimates.

In the arctic life itself seems to escape with every breath. The air pulls water and heat out of your skin. In the arctic, people need to stay warm and moist. As northern peoples eat nutritionally dense foods, it providing more metabolic heat. It creates a tropical greenhouse inside, serving as a climate barrier against the frigid landscape. To help maintain this barrier they use pungent foods such as leeks garlic or hard liquor to maintain warmth. Where pungent foods are scarce, sweat baths achieve similar effects. Smokehouses and saunas can be found throughout the Arctic circle from Scandinavia to Alaska. Continue reading