5 Reasons to Subscribe

1. Discover the secrets of plants. You will understand how to infer the medicinal properties of plants by flavor, texture, climate and color. This turns the entire earth into your garden and your pharmacy.

2. Learn to heal yourself. You will discover how to combine flavors to adjust the moisture and temperature in your body. This allows you to turn every plant and food on the planet into medicine. Imagine getting lost in the woods, or being away from modern medicine and feeling the comfort of knowing nature’s rules for being resilient and living well. Imagine recovering from illness faster and staying strong throughout your life.

3.  Discover how to use breathing to reduce stress and power up. Every wonder how those Tibetan monks can meditate on ice without getting hypothermia? Want to know how to cool off in intense heat? Stay tuned and we will show you how.

4. Discover how to use force. Waves of force are constantly permeating your body. With tension they slam into your joints causing repetitive strain and injury. Discover how to turn these forces into a massage and use them to move smoothly. Rediscover your natural  alignment  and animal  athleticism.

5.  Your contact info will never be shared with anyone. Enjoy!


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