Customizing Enlightenweight Concepts to Fit your Lifestyle.


At the end of Enlightenweight there is the following recap summarizing the key points of the entire book:

“To warm and dry: Pungent, bland and bitter foods combined with sweating and breathing as though you are yawning.

To warm and moisten: Pungent, Salty sweet and oily foods combined with breathing like you are yawning.

To cool and moisten: Sour and salty foods combined with sighing breaths. More sedentary internal exercises which draw blood circulation inward.

To cool and dry: Sour and bitter foods combined with sighing breaths. More stomach massage or other exercises that increase bowel movements and urination.

Use both movement and rest to your advantage. Relax, stand up straight and if something is stuck, use a wave to free it. That’s it. Enjoy.”

We purposefully left out too many recipes because we do not expect anyone to adopt an exotic diet. Rather, we believe it makes the most sense to simply use these concepts and adapt them in your own way.

We invite you to apply these concepts and develop your own unique approach that best serves your family based on your own climate and dietary preferences.

Internalize the key concepts of diet, breathing, and movement and develop your own method for living well. Share these methods for your friends and family. There isn’t one Enlightenweight approach. There is an Enlightenweight for truck drivers. There is an Enlightenweight for busy mothers. There is an Enlightenweight for hunter, and survivalists, and athletes and martial artists and librarians. None of these should be the same. The approach will even change based on the climate, season, and lifestyle. In order to help bring the most optimum health and wellness into your life and for those people like you we are asking for your help. Please develop it further. Enjoy the process, create and have fun with it.


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