Qi and Gut Balance

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…and He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

— Genesis 2:7


The gasses in the Universe form a living breath. The Sun is a burning ball of gas. Hydrogen and oxygen combine to form droplets of water which fall to Earth as rain. In a flash of lighting, nitrogen descends to Earth. As this breath of the heavens mixes with soil, the land becomes a living thing.

The gasses in the heavens descend to the Earth allowing life to thrive. As the winds blow over the landscape microbiota in the soil rise up on vapors into the atmosphere. Sometimes when the light is just so you can see the fullness of the air.

I was maybe six years old when it first donned on me that the air wasn’t empty.  In the morning light, sunbeams shone through an old window. I could see the dust floating and swirling in imperceptible currents. It seemed at once like an the undulating ocean or the swirling of the cosmos. Continue reading