Podcast 24: Email Answers

You have questions? We have answers. Thank you for reaching out with more great questions. In this episode, we cover pesticides in teas, coffee for fat loss and a single herb claimed to treat cancer. Please keep the questions coming.

Show notes:

:05 Question 1-Tea quality and pesticides

7:43 Question 2-Coffee for fat loss

10:09 Question 3-Pu Gong Ying (Dandelion) for cancer treatment

Want to win a trip to China visiting the non-tourist herb-growing region in Sichuan?

Here’s what to do: Just write a review for Botanical Biohacking on iTunes or Stitcher, take a screenshot of your review, and email it to BotanicalBiohacking@gmail.com. Each month, we’ll send one of you an herbal gift (a bag of Enlighten Tea – Xiao Yao San Herbal Tea for June 2017). What’s more, we’ll pick one of the listeners to come with us to visit Sichuan, China later this year (2017) !


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