Podcast 9:Biohacking Opioid Dependence

Join Dr. Thomas Whalen, Dr. Michael Pridham and Dr. Qiu Xuelan to discover what the Chinese opium wars can teach us about how to overcome the modern opioid epidemic.

Show notes:

0:15 What we can learn from the Chinese opium wars

12:48 Dr. Thomas Whalen, MD (albuquerqueketaminclinic.com & http://www.upswingrecovery.com  )

14:37 Dr. Michael Pridham (https://drpridham.com)

14:49 Dr. Whalen’s experience of using opiates as an MD, its effects on personality changes and effects on society

24:26 opioid addiction

28:51 Current pathways of treating opioid addiction

35:56 Ideal methods for treating substance abuse

40:36 Support for veterans, law enforcement and EMT personnel

42:37 Pharmacology of botanical treatments for treating opioid addiction


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