Podcast 8:How Breathing and Plant Flavors Influence Gasotransmitters

This is what I learned from several lineage Taoist masters and famous doctors in China. This is the nuance that makes plant-based medicine click. After this you will understand the how-and-why of every breathing method and botanical medicine you encounter.

Show notes:

:10 Intro

:25 Understanding pumps in the body

3:26 Four movements of gas

5:49 How we breathe to affect gas

9:07 Cycles of gas

10:05 Influence on vasodilation

10:22 Free Divers and gases

11:53 Gas imbalances, hallucinations, mental illness and addictions

13:15 Spleen blood reserves

14:00 David Carradine

15:00 Hibernation and temperature regulation

15:25 Lab mice hibernation and hydrogen sulfide

15:56 Tummo Meditation

18:00 Dangers of ignoring nuance

20:51 Knowing if you have too much or too little

26:14 Gas-centered physiology and botanical medicine

28:22 Biphasic and dose-dependent effects of gas

28:58 Bitter plants

30:30 Salty plants

31:49 Bitter + salty flavors and water retention

32:41 Temperature axis: sour and pungent

33:45 Combining flavors to influence temperature and moisture

37:36 Englightenweight book

37:59 Applications

43:52 Why increasing dose can give the opposite results

47:00 Cultural and personal context


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