Podcast 15: Biohacking Bladder Control

How botanicals and modern technology can help with bladder urgency and increase quality of living. Dr. Mario Torres-Leon and Dr Justin Mandel join us to discuss Kim Kardashian, natural bladder control, and a unique medical device to help those with bladder control challenges enjoy greater safety and mobility.

Dr. Mario Torres-León

Colombia, Yale and Harvard  trained interventional radiologist

  • Freedom Belt™post surgical drainage belt inventor
  • First TV host for a Spanish based medical show with an international audience of 1 billion people – 1todocorazon.com and DrMariotv.com


Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC

Show notes:

:30  Kim Kardashian

1:26  Definition of overactive bladder

2:06 Influencing factors and nuance

2:26 Chinese medical perspective on kidney qi

2:41 Kidney qi and hydrogen sulfide

3:00 Hydrogen sulfide and lower urinary tract symptoms and overactive bladder

3:27 Suo Quan Wan 缩泉丸 from (Fu Ren Liang fang 妇人良方 1237ad) and its pharmacology

4:21 Yi zhi ren  which is also used for memory (Check out Neurohacking Memory)

4:46 How herbal effects informed East Asian cultural understanding of overactive bladder.

6:27 The effects of treatment and how they change with age.

7:00  How it influences quality of life

7:34 Dr. Mario Torres-Leon introduction:  Interventional radiology and abdominal imaging and interventions, creator of FreedomBelt

8:06 Dr. Justin Mandel introduction: Bladder ReExpansion Technique and Author of “PeeLess”

8:51 How they came into this specialty.

12:27 What is interventional radiology? How it serves to reduce “exploratory surgery”.

17:18  How having a catheter affects people’s lives.

20:51 The problem with current gear

22:36 Kim Kardashian and her drainage bag

23:21 Leveraging technology to do better

25:51 Privacy concerns

27:32 Freedombelt and how it adds value to people’s lives and makes them safer. 1-844 Free-NOW (Toll free)

28:31 How does a drainage bag affect people physically and emotionally?

33:19  Depression and physiological changes

35: 22 Sympathetic (excited) states and urination

39:00 Customization and a patient centered approach to medical innovation

40:00 National Surgical Drainage Awareness Month

46:00 Optimal Diet and foods to avoid on a catheter.

51:00 Positive emotions are more important than obsessive worry over diet.

56:27  Rural America and outpatient care.

57:00 Deconditioning and staying mobile.

Where to find Dr. Mario Torres-León and Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC: www.Freedombelt.com



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