Podcast 12: Scientifically Supported Teas For Fat Loss

Discover some of the best teas for energy metabolism and fat loss, and how they can allow you bend the rules when it comes to oils, sugars and beer while still maintaining internal balance.


Show Notes:

:04 Seven benefits of drinking teas by Lu Tong

:55 Research of teas on fat loss: Oolong, Pu’er

2:24 Senna-based fat loss tea

2:55 The cause of weight gain

3:27 Shan Zha & Wu Mei Tea=Suan Mei Tang

4:30 Pharmacology of Shan Zha & Wu Mei

9:45 Shan Zha & Wu Mei for fast food

11: 40 When not to take Shan Zha & Wu Mei

13:16 Shen Qu for beer & Mai Ya for starches

13:38 Microgard

14:47 General fat loss tea

16:38 Tibetan tea, buckwheat tea. Fat loss tea helps with digestion

18:28 Stress and weight gain

18:39 Xiao Yao San & Enlighten tea for stress-caused weight gain


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