Podcast 1-Herbal Foot Soaks

Explore the history, research and easy application of herbal foot soaks.

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Show notes

:40 History/legend of foot soaks

(Earlier accounts are in Confucius’ book or rites)

2:50 Case studies

5:20 Platelet adhesion, sedimentation and inflammation as contributing factors in chronic disease

8:30 Blood pressure

8:47 Diabetic neuropathy

9:10 Insomnia and additional applications

9:47 Cautions and contraindications

11:40 Best practices for foot soak

15:05 Footsoak heat distribution


2 thoughts on “Podcast 1-Herbal Foot Soaks

  1. Greeting
    My name is Joseph. I am a follower of your work and I am very happy you give it to the public for free. I was wondering what here’s do you use in the foot soaks. My father has diabetic neropathey and is developing hart issues. And we want to try the foot soaks what do you recommend


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