My Grandma’s Home Remedy for Sore Throat and Cough (Hot and Dry)

                                                Reading Time: 1 min

This is an old family home remedy for hot dry sore throat or Cough.  It’s not as complex as Chinese Medical formulas and is easily made with things already found in the kitchen.

1. Wash the peels from two grapefruit.

2. Allow the peels to dry.

3. Slice the peels and put them in a jar.

4. Put honey into the jar. Make sure that the peels are all covered with honey. Put the lid on the jar.

5. Let it sit for a week and it’s ready.

When you have sore throat and/ or dry cough, take a couple of slices of the honey-covered grapefruit peels + a spoon of the honey around it. Put them in the warm water (above 97 degree but lower than 140 degree), stir. Drink the water and if you like, even eat the peels.

Take it 3 times a day and you’ll recover quickly. 


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